Card of the Day – The Empress – Monday, December 14, 2020

New Moon blessings! This is not just any old New Moon. It is a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse, happening at 23° Sagittarius. It abounds with optimism, and finds itself surrounded by some nice aspects as well. The opportunity available here for new beginnings is spectacular, but, as it is an Eclipse, this time involving the South Node, there will be a closing out of something, or someone, from your past. Our beautiful Empress card is to represent your life about to give birth to some very special new beginnings.

The Empress is Mother Earth, with all of the abundance she provides, and the newness and wonder which is unfolding for you. In the grander scheme of things, she is representative of the birth of a new era, for everyone, and while it is not official until December 21, its magic can be felt today. To hear my New Moon Tarot Guidance, download the Patreon app from your AppStore, ~ or in my Members Only Area on Facebook, which is accessible by clicking on “Use App” at the top of my Facebook page. (Members Only is not affiliated with Patreon,)

See you here tomorrow!

Source: A Siren’s Melody Tarot by Lauren Sleeper

This card was last seen November 24, 2020

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