Card of the Day – The Star – Thursday, June 3, 2021

You gotta believe! Have you ever noticed how some days the card fits so perfectly? Today is one of those days, and the Star is here to lift your spirits, restore your faith, and fill you with optimism for life once again. You may not notice it as much in the early part of the day, as you will still be under the influence of the sensitive Pisces Moon, but once the Moon has moved into Aries, off you go! Aside from the five aspects which the Moon itself will be making throughout the day, there are two beautiful trines happening, to build you up, increase your confidence and belief in yourself, and let you know that indeed, the Universe does have your back. The Sun will be trining Saturn, and Venus will trine Jupiter, the possibilities for success, recognition, and good fortune abound here, so accept whatever blessings are being sent your way.

The Star is that feeling you get when you have stared at the vastness of the Universe, sending out that which you want, hoping against all hope that life will change, and perhaps you have found that a bit difficult to believe. Belief is very key here, as the Star responds to your requests, filling you with good thoughts and positive affirmations, and a knowing that things will turn out fine. My June Love and Finance Tarot Guidance is available below for all to hear.

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Morbidly Adorable Tarot, a deck-in-progress, by Misty Benson

This card was last seen May 20, 2021

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