Card of the Day – 6 of Pentacles (Earth) – Thursday, July 8, 2021

In this Age of Aquarius, sharing with, and caring for, your fellow man, is a beautiful act. Kindness does not go unnoticed or unrewarded, however, it should not be done for recognition or gain. Paying it forward in some way, even through some random act, like opening a door, or letting someone pull out onto the roadway, these small things can cause a ripple effect in the world. The beauty of a charitable nature and giving soul is that it is done with compassion and without greed. Humanitarian efforts may be on the agendas of many today, perhaps to help others deal with, or to overcome, life’s traumatic events.

The 6 of Pentacles is a card of charity, balance, friendship, sharing, caring, paying it forward, and even greed, when the give and take in relationships is out of balance. Should you be one of the givers, always remember not to give it all away. You must remember to take care of yourself as well, otherwise you will not be any good for anyone, including yourself. For earliest possible access to my Tarot Card of the Day, download the free PodBean app from your AppStore, or follow me across your favorite podcast platforms.

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Source: Maigan Lynn for 78 Tarot Ecological

This card was last seen June 16, 2021

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