Card of the Day – 8 of Pentacles – Monday, August 2, 2021

Monday, Monday. Have I mentioned that energetically this is a tough week? You may want to listen to the Weekly for this week, or even the August Love and Finance, because there has not been a week which has felt this difficult for some time. On the whole, I absolutely love the 8 of Pentacles, but that is how I roll. Your best bet for today is to disconnect from the outside world, and to focus on the task-at-hand. What is it that really needs your undivided attention? It could be related to your work, but it could also be personal, and it could range anywhere from getting your closets in order, to completing important paperwork. Chances are, that whatever needs your attention to detail has been on your radar for a bit, and push may be coming to shove.

The wonderful thing about the 8 of Pentacles is it affords you the opportunity to block out any distractions, and to apply yourself to what needs to be done, perhaps even burning the midnight oil. There is no stone left unturned, and certainly no skimming over things; you will want to make certain you dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Today’s aspects are not easy ones, but you do have the support of both Venus and Mars in Virgo, to help you organize and not to miss any facts. For earliest possible access to my Tarot Card of the Day, download the free PodBean app from your AppStore, or follow me across your favorite podcast platforms.

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Lightseer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

This card was last seen May 2, 2021

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