Card of the Day – The Fool – Monday, October 10, 2022

The Moon continues in Aries today, for the better part of the day, and the spontaneous Fool shows up to represent the energy. The Aries Moon, where yesterday you experienced the Full Hunter’s Moon, will be interacting with Mars and Pluto, giving you an extra push to make some impulsive moves. Any time you are urged to step out of your comfort zone, and to take action, there is no telling if you will land on your feet, or go splat, but the adventure is well worth the risk. Inaction can only lead to a continuation of the status quo. So, today take a page from the Fool’s journey, be daring, and go for it!

The Fool card can bring fresh new beginnings, spontaneity, adventure, risk-taking, foolish actions, and sometimes naive behavior which can lead one astray. However, today, you are getting the universal green light to be a bit impulsive and enjoy the results. For earliest possible access to my Tarot Card of the Day, download the free PodBean app from your AppStore, or follow me across your favorite podcast platforms.

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Urban Tarot by Robin Scott

This card was last seen March 29, 2022

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