The Path You’ve Chosen – September, 2015

This is my mid-month #Tarot guidance for the month of September. Think of it as a supplement to the September Astro-Tarot

At the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the 13th, it seems to be a good idea to just STOP.  Hold your position at this time and do not start anything new. Mercury is about to retrograde and there is a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Aries on the 29th. The planetary waters are muddied, and in spite of all the changes you have been through recently, you still have not made it to the other side. Make your decisions in a creative fashion. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Work by the book to manifest that which is in your best interest. 

Courage on your part has brought you this far. Now, at this time, you will find persons of a professional nature being more predominant in your daily routine. Hang tough in your dealings as they will bring you success and freedom. Take back control in your life. Remember to take your vehicle in for a regularly scheduled maintenance. Mercury likes when you think that way. It’s less expensive than a tow truck. 

The closer you are to the Full Moon you will be looking over things that are coming your way. You will also be making decisions to separate once and for all from the things which no longer serve you. By doing this, you allow the light to return to your life. Your heart feels bright again as you scamper off to celebrate your survival. Fill your heart with love again. You are almost there. 

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