Full Moon in Taurus – Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Here is my Tarot Guidance for this Full Moon. 

Stop and breathe for a moment. Having made it this far, you may not want to budge from this spot. Self-doubt and fear have been part of your daily routine for so long. It’s time to ‘Shake It Off‘ and open your eyes to see what is next on your path. Maintain a gentle, down-to-earth attitude. Put the positive parts of your past into perspective and let the negative ones go. You will never pass that way again.
New projects are favored at this time, and you can really begin to feel that the universe is working with you now. The professional help you need can be found and you can really begin to work on your changes. This is wonderful because at the Full Moon
you can let things go. This allows more balance to enter your life. It is time to stop feeling cheated by the universe. 

Making changes and being committed to them. Your biggest commitment appears to be with yourself. Remember, they are not losses. They are people and things you no longer need. At this time, there is a great deal of new information coming your way and movement toward the future you desire is accelerated. 

This is a time to really work on the details of your life. This includes every aspect, by the way. You are truly the only one who can hold you back, so what are you waiting for? Gather your troops and get this show on the road! Now that there is some very visible movement in your life and you have more clarity, keep clearing the way. Build on your security. 

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