The Path You’ve Chosen – December, 2015


This is my mid-month Tarot guidance. It is a supplement to the December Astro-Tarot

You are finding your way to a safer space on your path. Things are beginning to balance out in a much fairer manner for you. This is a result of hard work and separating yourself from toxic situations and people. You don’t feel as though you need to defend yourself so much now.  Remember to keep spreading the love as you reap what you sow. 

Maintain your strength through your belief system. Self- reliance has it’s rewards. Your hard work has paid off with patience. It is time to restructure your financial outlook. 

Victory is yours! Delays around you are finally gone and life can now move forward at a rapid pace. Conditions around you feel much more favorable and emotions are on a positive high. Celebrate!

Finding a way to put an end to the hard times. Utilize your resources. You may have to pull a rabbit out of your hat to reach your goal. But, oh my, you feel as though your year will end better than it started. Take control of your changes. 

You can manifest what you need by going with the flow and rolling with the punches. There is a Full Moon on the 25th for the first time since 1977. Keep your emotions in check and your fears at bay. 

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