Winter/Summer Solstice – Monday, December 21, 2015 11:49pm EST – Tuesday, December 22, 2015 4:49UTC


Happy Solstice! The next 3 months will indeed prove to be interesting. Here is my Tarot guidance for this new season. 

So, you are definitely at your crossroads. Which way will you go? Make certain that you have all of your facts together for this leg of your journey. Precision to detail is important. The objective here is to survive the difficult, stressful times and make a creative new beginning. 

While some may call you a fool for chasing castles in the air, you do not perceive yourself as Don Quijote titling at windmills. You are manifesting what you need by maintaining patience and going with the flow. Remain laid back, for the universe has a plan as well. 

Don’t work yourself into a corner in your mind. Hard work has it’s rewards. Seize your power and cut away what isn’t necessary. Happiness, abundance and reciprocation in relationships is possible at this time. 

Sneaking in the back door! Not everything needs a full-on approach. You will get in that door somehow! The way to defend your position is to keep building a more stable foundation. Don’t rush into anything at this point. Balance and patience are most definitely the key to success. 

Relax, it will all happen when it is supposed to happen, not a moment before. By the time this season is ending, you will truly have stepped into your power. There will be much more clarity in your thinking. Life is changing and you know you don’t have to live the same way anymore. A wish! What can I say? Make a good one now, because it will come your way before the Equinox and you will be ready to move on to the next chapter. 

Thanks in advance for your share!❤️

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