Through the Eyes of Tarot – Pluto Retrograde – April 18 through September 26, 2016

Success through understanding can be achieved at this time. Take these next five months to go inward and pay attention to your intuition. What is that little voice telling you? There is an assessment of values taking place here. What you once held dear has been let go of and people and situations which have caused you loss and pain are transitioning from your life. There has been a great deal of difficulty associated with this, but you are able to face it head on with the proper perspective.

Remember, it takes a village. You can not do it all alone. There is the need for construction, deconstruction and a general feel of trying things until you find the right fit; this requires perseverance on your part. See your issues through and your reward will be moving on into unexplored territory, a new chapter, if you will. Finally, you can truly relax and you will begin to apply all of the practical, down-to-earth approaches you learned along the way.

It has been a rather long tunnel, but by the time Pluto is direct again, you will have stepped on through to the other side. This will be one cycle of your life you will be happy to see complete. That fairytale destination awaits you in the next leg of your journey. The fight to survive has been replaced with hope and faith. Worries, doubt and fear have become immense belief in oneself and an increase in self worth. The door will be open and you will be ready. Finally, the timing is right.

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