Full Moon in Gemini – Tuesday, December 13, 2016 7:05pm EST

Sound the trumpets! Not only is the 2016 holiday season well underway, it is decision time! How do you wish to lead your life? Probably, chances are you do not want to repeat the last five years. This Full Moon will give you the clarity of thought to cut away what you do not want. Expect a door to open which allows you to turn your back on even more stress. So much progress has been made even if it has been slow going. You are reminded that taking your time is definitely in your best interest; fortify your routine and excel at it, for there is nothing wrong with being predictable and reliable. Nurture those who need it the most and allow yourself the opportunity to be nurtured in return.

Go forth and be the peacekeeper; share your vision for change with others. There are many celebrations at this time; if you do not have a party to attend, celebrate your ability to survive. Crank up some Elton John and dance around singing, ‘I’m Still Standing. Things are beginning to balance out in your world, but you may find yourself in the middle of something, as I said, peacekeeper; perhaps you need to be the mediator. Listen to both sides of the story carefully and render a fair decision. Chances are you can convince everyone to throw in the towel and call it quits, thus ending the dispute. Make balance your middle name and temper it with patience and you will have a winning combo.

Do not be hasty and impulsive in your actions as all things rewarding are trying to come your way now. A practical approach will be necessary to achieve them. You will really begin to see your efforts paying off after the Solstice and this all ties back in with what you have severed at the time of this Full Moon. Expect to hear from a past acquaintance and perhaps even enjoy a social get together with them. Be sure to check out my recorded Tarot Guidance for the Full Moon on Patreon!

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