Featured Card of the Day – The Fool – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water


Artist: Stephanie Pui-Min Law

Website: Shadowscapes.com


Beginning a journey, innocence, living for now

Artist’s Interpretation & Card Meaning

“The Fool walks across the rolling surface of the ocean. She wears a white shift, sea foam and purity. She is unafraid, or perhaps just completely unaware of just how precious her path is. Such blithe trust in the surety of her footing must either be true innocence of the unknown dangers the world can present (the lurking Leviathans, and the shadowy, watery depths), or a willful desire to flaunt her faith in the face of such knowledge. She strolls across the water weeds, one foot before the other, eyes cast to the vault of the sky and the endless possibilities she sees before her. A dragonfly gazes back. It knows a bit of the path she has chosen, for it is a creature of both land and air, and it carries wisdom of transformation and adaptation. Perhaps it hopes that she will notice and hear its silent words. The fish swarm and roll in the waves, nibbling at the water-weed stems, casting her pathway adrift and unmoored.”

The Fool is wonderfully innocent of danger ahead and below. Unburdened, she steps, determined but delicate, across the path of lily pads and weeds that lie before her; open to the adventures and joy that her journey will bring. Her path becomes more precarious the further she goes, but she is unaware, or simply uncaring. The next pad is floating free, but her attention is elsewhere, on the dragonfly before her, a companion, possibly a guide. Will she heed his warning? Will the lily pad support her? The only way to know is to take that step…

This card represents a new beginning, with the potential for great personal growth. The knowledge you have gained so far may help you in the future, but it has taken you as far as it can go for now.

Astrological Association & Element

Air / Uranus

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