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Artist: Cora Crimson

Website: CoraCrimson.com


Anguish, nightmares, insomnia, fear, misery

Artist’s Statement

“The sword swallower has awoken suddenly from a nightmare to find that her bad dreams have begun to fuse with reality. Aside from being a common part of a carnival act, a swallowed sword symbolizes personal fear, discomfort and pain. The swords has been engraved with the symbols of Gemini and wind, representing the zodiac and elemental forces behind her struggle.

The eight swords hanging over her bed represent the many fears and worries that she has that may or may not be real, but they are always lurking in the back of her mind, particularly when she tries to nod off to sleep. She is unable to sleep because of her physical and emotional state, and is trapped in a world where she has come face to face with her worst nightmares.”

Card Meaning

A sword swallower suddently sits up in bed. She has just woken up from a nightmare, her performance anxieties manifested as a physical sword in her throat, causing her pain and anxiety. Her face is a mask of fear. Eight other swords hang at her headboard, warning that she has many concerns hanging figuratively over her, preventing her from sleeping peacefully. The fact that these swords are suspended in mid-air suggests that these worries are generally matters of the mind, rather than physical issues.

This card warns against letting our fears paralyse us and take over our lives. It serves to remind us that while it is only natural to worry and feel occasional stress, we have to be kinder to ourselves and let go of these anxieties before they impact too much on our lives.

Astrological Element & Association

Air / Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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