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Artist: PeeMonster

Website: Peemonster.com


Betrayal, endings and beginnings, defeat, rock bottom

Artist’s Statement

“It took me a moment to find some grounding in order to work on this card. I chose an emphasis on triumph rather than defeat…it intentionally references the crucifixion story with the way the boy is spread out in the wheel. All ten swords are in his side, yet he appears more alive than ever.”

Card Meaning

A young boy stands against the knife-thrower’s wheel, ten blades embedded in his side, giving a sense of pain and loss. This is not how the performance was supposed to end! But even when it seems that all is lost and there might be no saving the little boy, we look to his eyes, wide and full of defiance and mischief. All is not as it seems, and this is not the end. The wounds are not fatal and both throwing master and assistance must re-evaluate what occurred to move forward and improve.

This card represents an unexpected defeat, but rather than warning against it, it prepares you for this loss, advising you that at your darkest hour, there is still hope. When you reach your lowest point, the only way to go is up, if you you can drag yourself high enough to see it.

Astrological Element & Association

Air / Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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