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Artist: Nelleke Schoemaker

Website: None Given (Also goes by Hollow Moon Art)


Chivalry, knight in shinging armour, romance, idealism

Artist’s Statement

“My card is the Knight of Cups, and I’ve made a Venetian-themed version of this card. I wanted to stay true to the original card of the knight on his white horse, but gave my own twist on it. The horse I’ve kept white, to keep the “purity”, “light” and “spirituality” symbolic, but made him as a unicorn with armor to fit the knight. The red color symbolizes the romance part of the card, as do the roses. For the background, I chose a dusk scenery with nice golden colors with castle ruins in the back. I also wanted the cup as a central focal point in the artwork, so he’s holding it up high. Overall this was a magical and new experience, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of making this piece.”

Card Meaning

A masked Venetian knight rides through the evening, valiantly brandishing a glistening gold goblet. The light of the sun lends the scene a nebulous, mysterious quality as he travels. His steed is a white unicorn, a stark contrast to the red cloak he wears, bringing to mind old fairy tales of Snow White and Rose Red. The red cloak symbolizes his romantic, passionate nature, the white steed the purity of his heart. Roses bloom as he passes, reinforcing his status as a charming guardian.

The figure in the card is a chivalrous, enchanting hero, the embodiment of the knight of old romantic tales, riding in on his faithful steed, sweeping you off your feet and winning your heart. Not necessarily because he is the strongest champion, but he is a gentleman, in touch with his emotions, using them to guide him on his way.

Astrological Element & Association

Water / Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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