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Artist: Kmye Chan

Website: Kmye-Chan.com


Realization, completion, fulfillment, success

Artist’s Statement

“The World symbolizes achievement and completion, as well as being at one’s rightful place in the order of things; it is typically represented as a woman dancing in the heavens, surrounded by a wreath and four creatures. I decided to stay true to the traditional design, with a twist. The knife dancer on her wheel represents Earth, as evidenced by her map shawl, orbited by the Moon and at her perfect place amongst the stars and the cosmos. She is wise, powerful and peaceful, and in communion with her surroundings. The throwing stars cannot harm her. The rotating wheel and orbiting rings around her represent the revolution of celestial bodies and the endless cycle of life; the wheel carries the wreath and faces of the traditional tarot card design, symbolizing both the elements and the godly nature of the character.”

Card Meaning

Against a deep blue curtain, a knife thrower stands on her wheel, basking in the audience’s applause. She has delivered a flawless performance, unharmed by the sharp blades now wedged within her wheel. The celestial curtain that forms a backdrop to her performance is covered in stars and constellations, her wheel decorated with imagery of a laurel wreath and four creatures representing the fixed signs of the zodiac. She is victorious. The audience, and indeed the universe, are hers in this moment.

This card tells you that your hard work and dedication have paid off, this is your moment to shine, but also reminds us to take what we have learned in this phase of our lives with you into the next.

Astrological Element & Association

Earth / Saturn

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