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Artist: Stephanie Sturm

Website: None Given


Rest, solitude, meditation, relaxation, retreat

Artist’s Statement

“Three swords above the assistant’s head form both the numeral four, and the heraldry sign that the fight is over (for now) – two downward-crossed swords. The fourth dagger is smaller, on the assistant’s person – worn around her neck. This is to indicate a singular pressing issue, or cross to bear, to mull over during this regenerative state. Cut through the rest to what is really important and hone in on it.”

Card Meaning

Even in the middle of a magic trick, there is time for respite. The illusionist’s assistant lies, calm and collected, as he draws a hoop over her, showing there are no strings holding her up. One blade is worn as a pendant around her neck, resting with her – the main issue concerning her. Three others dangle above. There are only a few moments of inactivity, but it is a vital pause. She has to stay still, if she rises too early, the blades above will hurt her. The show will go on soon enough, with its usual hustle and bustle and the next act in her performance.

This card reminds us that in the middle of choas, it is sometimes essential to take time out, even if just for a few seconds, in order to recharge our mental batteries, center ourselves and move on to the next challenge.

Astrological Element & Association

Air / Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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