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Artist: Anastasia Smith

Website: ArtbyAnastasia.biz


Ambitious, focused, responsible, new opportunity

Artist’s Statement

“I created the Page of Pentacles as a side-show barker. First and foremost, Pages are bringers of information, so I thought the idea of him calling out to passers by to let them know the sights inside the tent was ideal. He stands alone wearing a hat with a fresh flower in the band. Behind him to his right is a freak show poster showing the Monkey Man perched in banana trees. To his left is the Scarecrow Man and a furrowed field promising abundant harvest. He is unaware of anything around him except the gold coin in his hands. The bright sky suggests all is well and he begins to realize that this coin can open doors for him. It is a dawning realization of the path to prosperity.”

Card Meaning

A young carney stands, holding a shining gold pentacle and staring at it, amazed. He is a sideshow barker, a little cog in the great wheel of the circus, but he has just been given his first gold coin – a tempting treasure for a child, a glimpse into a potential future of comfort and personal prosperity. Behind him are posters advertising the counties of his carnival – an ape man within a lush, green setting, and a freak show human scarecrow guarding the future harvest from the black birds that would ruin it.

This card represents a dream, a new goal, and the understanding that it will take time, perseverance and effort. Be pragmatic – you will need to work hard to gradally collect wealth, rather than it all come to you.

Astrological Element & Association

Earth / Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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