Monthly Newsletter – February, 2017


Welcome to February, our universal month of love! Do you have time to think about love this month? It will likely be quite the crazy ride. All of my Tarot Guidance across social media, including Patreon, keep bringing forth two key words: truth and betrayal. However, do not fear these associations with the month, as somehow I feel February produces some spectacular positive results for many. There will be a great deal of change in the air and you will find yourself on a new path by March. At the time of this post, Mars has entered Aries, and so has Venus, which is also in shadow, as it prepares to retrograde March 4 through April 15.

Also note that there are two new Special Tarot Guidance videos, available on Patreon, Mars in Aries (15:38 in length), and Jupiter Retrograde (23:05 in length), in addition to my 2017 Yearly Tarot Guidance (37:54 in length). These are all at the $5+ per month Patron-Reward tier. Look for more and more to be added to this tier in the coming weeks. Thanks for your support!

Some time ago, I mentioned having the privilege to write a three-month Astro-Tarot for an Australian publication titled ‘Peace Within Living’. I am proud and happy to announce, that although it took them a while, they have launched, and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their second issue in March as they continue to grow. Be sure to check them out and show your support for their efforts!

February 6, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and good luck, will retrograde through June 9. Please note it does not leave shadow until September 9; this is all covered in the Tarot Guidance referenced in the above paragraph. I became so emotional toward the end; there is a big FINALLY associated with this to which we can all look forward with great anticipation.


This month’s Patreon drawing is for a $50.00 voucher in the 78 Tarot store, good on anything.

The winner of the $50.00 in 78 Tarot merchandise is:

Lisa Gustafson

This month there are two Second prizes – FREE Beyond the Shift Reading from Tarot by Cecelia

The winners of the FREE Beyond the Shift reading are:

Tamsin Watts

Eleni Droutsas


The heavy hitters this month will be the eclipses. The 10th features the first in the Leo-Aquarius series, when we will have a Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo (Available on Patreon now – 21:10 in length). This will be a month of tremendous change, setting the scene for events of the next six months. The second eclipse, is the final eclipse from the Virgo-Pisces series, and on February 26, we will see the last as a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces. The most intense energies truly feel to be between the two eclipses, especially the 11th through 17th. Don’t forget to report in somewhere and relate your eclipse experiences. Tarot by Cecelia, the Group, is a great place to do so.


I know somewhere I have mentioned the 11th through 17th, specifically referring to Carnival time. This month, in celebration of Mardi Gras and their third deck, Carnival, in a series of highly-collectible Tarot decks, 78 Tarot has once again extended a discount for followers of Tarot by Cecelia – 20% off your purchase through February 28 using Coupon Code CECELIACARNIVAL.

February Love and Finance Tarot Guidance on YouTube:

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