New Moon in Aquarius – January 27, 2017 7:07pm EST

At this New Moon, Mercury will also leave shadow, and Venus will not enter shadow until the 30th. Happy New Year! All of those plans you have been hatching and new adventures you have been creating, it is time to launch them. Right now, at the New Moon in Aquarius, it is as though 2017 is finally getting underway. The 28th and 29th will be your best days for initiation of new things. There is a great deal of success associated with this new cycle; step out and show the world what you’ve got, no more sneaking in the back way, it is ok to come out of the shadows. The balance you have been so desperately craving is available to you through Divine Inspiration; indeed the Universe is passing you the torch for a spectacular new beginning.

It has become necessary to separate yourself from something which has caused you some form of pain. You know it must end, and the status quo can not remain the same, but it is up to you to make the change which will put you off in the right direction. Be certain to have all of the best possible intentions prepared for this New Moon, for while it may take a couple of moons for them to come about, you are surely setting yourself up for victory and the creation of a new way of life.

This part of your journey is about manifesting the necessary opportunities which will restore balance in your life, balance which has been absent for a very long time. The adventure is only beginning, and this will not all happen overnight, but the projects which you initiate at the New Moon in Aquarius are intended to set you up for the long haul. Dare to be adventurous, go ahead and take that risky move; in order to bring things to fruition, it will be necessary to move on from something, but you appear to be ready at this point. Throw your emotional cares to the wind, and prepare to make 2017 the best year yet. Next stop May 22.  Be sure to check out my recorded Tarot Guidance for the New Moon in Aquarius on Patreon! (18:09 in length)

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