The Path You’ve Chosen – January, 2017

No rest for the weary; the year is actually just beginning to get underway. You know the saying, “Make hay while the sun shines.”, well, in this case it is imperative to keep on moving to beat the band while you are retrograde-free. Seeking balance in your life, in order to feel as though things are finally becoming fair, will definitely keep you busy. You need to remember to multitask and not to put all of your focus toward one thing if you actually hope to effect this balance in your life. The more you accomplish, the more organization you achieve, the more your new identity continues to emerge and take shape. You have re-evaluated your creature comforts which you find necessary to your security. Your focus is now toward making this a year of great personal change, and you stand at the ready to put all of your energy toward this goal.

Your commitments are not as people-based as they are aligned with that which you wish to manifest. It will take a strong sense of commitment to a solid plan to help you along your way. Do not let doubt and fear stand in the way of the new beginnings you desire. Allow your creativity to fluorish and begin to bring some of your projects to fruition. Great ideas can be hatched now, especially at the New Moon in Aquarius on the 27th; be certain to remain flexible and go with the flow, should alternate versions of your plan be necessary. Good teamwork finally begins falling into place and you are prepared to see this through to completion.

Stress, as experienced in the last five years, has no current place in your life. This is not a time to be idle or feeling bored; give careful consideration to what you need and don’t need in your life. Part of this will feel emotional for you, as what you decide will ultimately be some form of elimination; this has taken a complete flip in perspective, but finally you are seeing things differently. It may feel like a huge sacrifice, but what you are actually about to do is eliminate the pain created by the hard times which plagued you for so long.

Emotional fulfillment and having a dream come true, can be found through choices. During this time, beginning with the Full Wolf Moon in Cancer, you will find yourself at a crossroads; direction is everything. To not choose a direction will keep you stuck and is definitely to your detriment. Do your best to remain grounded in your decisions; the whole world may feel as if it is in an uproar, but keeping your emotions out of it all, will allow you to step onto the correct path. Your base and feeling of security should be your goal; do not remain a slave to poor choices of the past. Think cause and effect. Every action has a consequence. Look yours over carefully before proceeding.

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