Through the Eyes of Tarot – Sun in Cancer – June 21, 2017

Talk about being large and in charge! You are really stepping up your game now; the plan is really beginning to take shape and you recognize just how powerful this transition in your life can actually be. And, even moreso, it needs to be, so you are giving it your all; it is great that you are now passionate about all of these changes. Perhaps you have even conformed your timeline and set your goals for success for some time in September. You wish to close the door on that old chapter firmly by then, and should find yourself celebrating between the Full Moon in Pisces and the Equinox. What you are doing now, leads to a victory of truth for you over the next couple of months. Your vision for change is going to work! Bear in mind that you may need to tweak it along the way.

Do not let anyone lead you astray; remain focused and balanced. This is a breakout year for you, and by October you will be seeing things very differently. Some things in your life have felt isolating to you, but your freedom is on its way, with a great deal of hoopla attached. What exciting times these are, as you explore alternate possibities right now, in order to create that big turning point by the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21.

Think of yourself as the Pied Piper, as you move merrily along your way, making life-altering decisions, which, through patience, will help you to open the doors to success. Now is not the time to be idle; perhaps by October, or November, you can take a break. Do not try to strong-arm any situations in order to help them turn in your favor; soft control will work best, using a gentle approach instead. This is a successful cycle of transition, and success is earned through consistency.   I have included my Tarot Guidance for the Solstice/Sun in Cancer/Mercury in Cancer below as a pay-per-view Video. If you follow me on Patreon, it is included in your $5+ per month subscription. (20:26 in length)

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