Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus in Libra – October 14 through November 7, 2017

Success is yours during Venus in Libra. You did not get here easily, a great deal of perseverance and effort were expended to bring about victory. You have had many plans, but now you are implementing one that is working, and it is toward the new life you so feel you deserve. By the time Venus moves on to Scorpio, you will have experienced emotional fulfillment with your endeavors, and while you may have much to do, there is a blissful feeling of tranquility amidst the chaos which is your new life getting underway.

Patience with the Universe has been necessary, but you will find things are now moving forward in your favor. By not taking forcible action, remember, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar; you truly are winning, but, definitely not fighting. This is a good time to rein in those bad habits, anything where your focus may be skewed, whether it is food, drink, drugs, or devices, you will wish to practice moderation and free yourself from the clutches of your demons.

You are finding your way out of a stifling situation. In some ways you may be happy to finally do so, but there is probably also sadness associated with some form of loss, or even a sacrifice which you had to make to extricate yourself from an undesirable routine in your life. You are progressing forward, toward balance and fairness in your life, with your eye on your wishes. They are attainable now, and you are about to experience a whole new lease on life.

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