Sun in Scorpio – October 23, 2017

These next four weeks can certainly run the gamut of emotions and experiences, as the Sun in extreme Scorpio takes center stage. Scorpio does not know middle ground, so expect all positives to be very much so, and the negatives as well. Many of you will be celebrating the survival of the hard times, finally removing that oversized road block which has prevented you from moving forward with your life. You will now be free to go off in pursuit of your hopes and dreams. Scorpio is a bit like a covert operative, and you may be looking to uncover certain truths during this time, especially if they relate to any challenges you may have been having.

Intuitively, you have known all along, that if you could just do this one thing, then all of the others would follow. Your wishes are coming true before your eyes now, as you find the necessary balance to create what you consider to be happiness. Your emotional fulfillment quotient is high as you finally see you are reaping the results of all of your efforts. Your passion for life can grow and thrive now, and you can take charge again, creating the vision for what you know you need.

All of the doubts and uncertainties, which have created many an anxious day and sleepless night, are being replaced with cold hard facts. You may be burning the midnight oil, striving to complete all of the necessary paperwork, or whatever else is deemed important to make a break from your struggles. Success! Note, that it comes in phases, and you may pause at the time of the Full Moon in Taurus on the 4th, in order to reassess your direction. Just like Taurus, you will proceed from there in a slow and deliberate manner, crossing off items from your To-Do list as you go.

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