New Moon in Libra – Thursday, October 19, 2017 3:12 pm

There is an opening at this New Moon and you will want to take it. While you have been meandering about, wondering which road would lead to the fulfillment of your wishes, and bring your hopes and dreams to fruition, the door is now finally opening. There is much to do; it is not simply about walking through a doorway into a new life. You still need to manage all of your regular duties, as you hammer out the details to make your wishes become a reality. Take the practical, down-to-earth approach, and be thorough, going over everything with a fine-tooth comb.  This is the opportunity for which you have been waiting. 

What aggravation has been standing in the way of true happiness? The manifestation coming your way during the New Moon in Libra, allows you to break free from it, and take back some semblance of control in your life. This is a good time to realize that you have free will and to exercise it. There is a restlessness in the air when it comes to relationships, and one in particular may be on your mind.

It is as though someone has turned over the hourglass, and time appears to be starting all over again. Everything has flipped, and you are about to free yourself from that final burden. You may feel as though you have sacrificed a part of yourself, but it is for the greater good. Just a little ways to go; have patience as you work out the remainder of the details. Finding the right help to complete things can show up as a burden for you. Maintain a calm demeanor, and focus on your financial stability, especially if it has come into question in recent years.

I have prepared a special Tarot Guidance for the New Moon in Libra (19:14 in length). This exclusive, in-depth reading is available as part of a $5 per month pledge on Patreon. 

October Love and Finance Tarot Guidance on YouTube:

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