Featured Card of the Day – King of Swords – 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space

Artist:  Peter Bradley

Website:  http://www.ravenchilde.com


Experienced, authoritative, analytical

Artist Interpretation   

They captain the center seat to make a difference. They lead the fight to save galaxies. They offer a lens of hope against the darkness. They stand firm on the shifting soils of alien worlds and defend queens who reign in cities, lighter than air. They are the Starship Captains, the Galactic Patrol. A Flash to blind the eye of galactic emperors. Their deeds are daring. They are the Kings of the universe, sword upheld, and its first defense.  

Card Meaning 

A space captain stands from his command chair, his hand raised, assured of victory. He is a figure that demands respect, his muscled body a testament to his experience within the field himself, suggesting that he has worked his way up to his position the hard way. Above his head, five golden spaceships speed onwards. These are his fleet to control, or the few we can see, anyway. He is an experienced war chief, speeding them on to right wrongs across the galaxy, having weighed up the pros and cons, and taken advice from his subordinates.  

When this card appears in a reading, it is time to take a step back and think objectively. The ultimate choice is yours to make, but you should do all you can to weigh up your options. Research all the possibilities, debate the issues and analyze the outcomes. Choose, only when you can be sure that you are making an informed decision, based on facts, and facts alone. This is not a time to let emotion sway you.

The King of Swords can suggest an honest, analytical person around you – someone for whom high standards and doing what’s right are just facets of their personality, rather than decisions to make – what you don’t see is the thought process that has already taken place.

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