The Path You’ve Chosen – December, 2017

Expect to see breakthroughs brought on as a result of  perseverance and determination. Sitting and waiting does not make it so; it is time to bring about an end to the old status quo. Victory can be yours and it comes by living your truth. A less difficult time will begin to emerge over the next couple of months, as you find more independence and stability on your own, and life takes on a better balance. Just remember to ride the tides of life as they ebb and flow; give equal attention to all priorities.

Dig deep now, the cycles are changing, and there is a shift of emotional tides, as the Universe opens new doors, and just washes away so many disappointments of the past. Be honest with yourself and learn to trust your intuition; see behind the masks that many people wear, and keep your focus toward the positive which is calling you now.

Success… is right around the corner. There will come a time when you will be ready to go for it, but not likely until January. You have the ability to handle more now, as you continue to grow and learn, you also grow stronger and are able to accomplish a great deal, even if in the form of small victories. The karma in the Universe is shifting, and it is time to receive. If you are the eternal optimist, then you shall benefit greatly from these changes.

Teach others of your experiences of the past, not in a scary way, but as a lesson, one which can be carried forward over a long time. Amazing moments of extreme fulfillment await, between now and June. Indeed, you are successful in your goals, and you can be pleased as punch with yourself, as your dreams start coming true, one by one. January the doors start opening.

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