Featured Card of the Day – 4 of Wands – Crow Tarot by M.J. Cullinane

Artist: M.J. Cullinane

Website: http://www.enchanteddecks.com

Card Meaning

Two crows harmoniously chatter as they celebrate the end of another beautiful day. The 4 of Wands denotes a time of peace and harmony, especially regarding home and family. The 4 of Wands also predicts a joyous occasion such as a birth or a wedding may be on the horizon. You may also see the 4 of Wands as a reminder to connect with those who bring joy and happiness into your life, throw a dinner party, arrange for a backyard barbecue, or have friends over for wine. It may not feel like it at this moment, but you will soon have a reason to celebrate.

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Website: http://www.enchanteddecks.com

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