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The Hierophant is sometimes known as Chiron, a centaur from Greek myth known for his wisdom and medical knowledge. For this mythology themed Tarot, it seemed perfect to represent the Hierophant as a centaur. In most other ways I kept the symbols and imagery of this card traditional – he is in a temple-like setting, with religious vestments, three-tiered crown and raised right hand. He holds the triple sceptre as a symbol of his power and has initiates kneeling before him. By making the Hierophant a physically attractive figure, I challenge his power by making him the “eye candy” that women are often shown as, and further criticize patriarchal roles with the two faceless, old white men as mindless followers.


The Hierophant stands as teacher and guide, bathed in light, between pillars of Law and Freedom. His triple sceptre and crown symbolize authority and dominion over many worlds. His students kneel before him, eager to be initiated into the wisdom he provides. Even if you’re sorely tempted to rebel and take a different path, the Hierophant is here to strongly suggest you re-think. There are times for independent, daring action, times to make a splash and buck the trend, but this is not one of them. At this stage in your life, you will achieve more by playing by the rules and paying attention to detail. By listening to the advice of others, you can attain your goals in a more traditional way.


Chiron was possibly the most famous centaur of Greek mythology – whereas many of these creatures were savage warriors, he was renowned for his wisdom. Raised by Apollo and Artemis, he was civilised and intelligent, a medical expert, known for a willingness to nurture the young, acting as a tutor to many future Greek heroes including Ajax, Aeneas, Achilles, Jason, Perseus and Telamon. Given the role of Chiron as a respected teacher within Greek legends, we felt that he was an ideal depiction of our Mythical Hierophant.

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