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Regret, loss, sorrow



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Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


I chose to interpret the Greek myth of lovers Alcyone and Ceyx. Their story is a tragic story about love, grief, and hope. Ceyx went out to sea to consult the oracle of Delphi, even though Alcyone pleaded with him not to go. During his journey a storm came and poor Ceyx drowned. He told Alcyone of his death in a dream. She rushed out to find him washed up on the shore. Wrapping her arms around him, they started to form wings and he came back to life. They lived out their lives together as seabirds. I chose to depict Alcyone and Ceyx as a lesbian couple in my artwork for the Three of Swords card, which is a card that represents sadness, heartbreak, separation, and grief — all emotions which the Alcyone and Ceyx myth conveys.


The Lovers Alcyone and Ceyx, here both depicted in the feminine, begin their transformation into birds following their rebirth. Wings sprout from their backs as they embrace, to begin their new life together. It hurts right now, sometimes more than you think you can withstand…and if anyone else tells you about fish in the sea, or life not being fair, you might explode. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself – you need time to heal, so give yourself that time. Let the tears flow, let them gradually wash away your sadness. In time, you’ll be able to rise above this, you’ll see that there is still hope out there. This won’t break you. Nothing can. Use this to make you stronger.


In Greek mythology, the tragedy of Alcyone and Ceyx began with them referring to themselves as Zeus and Hera. Th is angered Zeus, and he destroyed Ceyx’s ship. Ceyx appeared to Alcyone to in a dream to tell her what happened, and in grief Alcyone threw herself into the sea. The Gods then returned them to life, to live as birds, together forever. With grief and loss being such a major part of this myth, this was a perfect representation of the energy of this card.

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