Card of the Day – 9 of Swords (Air) – Thursday, December 24, 2020

Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate, and any other ongoing holidays as well. To be honest, the 9 of Swords could be appropriate for many people, in any given year, but this is #2020, a year like no other, so it would seem to take on even more significance at this time. Worry, doubt, and nightmares, even, causing sleepless nights for more than just the incurable insomniacs. It is typical to see this happen when the emphasis has been put on people pleasing, but as previously stated, this is a different year. The worry and doubt go far beyond wondering if you bought the right gift, it may be over your ability to afford food, and gifts have had to go by the wayside. Or you may be losing sleep over your inability to uphold family traditions in order to keep the family safe and healthy.

Remember this, if there is one thing which #2020 seems to have taught most of us, it is that it is all about so much more. Wondering if you have done enough, or doubting that you have, is really of no consequence. What matters most, is that you have the people you love, and that is truly what matters the most. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone, and keep it safe and healthy, and do not sweat the little stuff. My 2021 General Tarot Guidance Overview is available on the Patreon app, or by clicking on “Use App” at the top of my Facebook page.

See you here tomorrow!

Source: Christel Morvan for 78 Tarot Elemental

This card was last seen August 30, 2020

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