The Path You’ve Chosen- August, 2015


This is my mid-month #Tarot guidance. Think of it as a supplement to the August Astro-Tarot

Keep moving toward the light. It is brighter now. All the baggage, from all of the nonsense you have endured, does not need to come with you. You are breaking free from the chains that have bound you for so long. Forget the aggravation. 

Hold your head high and move forward toward a brighter future with compassion and kindness for others. The losses will hurt for a while, but your patience has brought you past the pain to a better place. What you need is favored to come your way now. 

Success! Overflowing success to wash away the hard times. Can it be you made it this far? Yes, you have!

Your main focus right now needs to be on relationships and commitments which have been in need of your attention. Venus Retrograde will make it abundantly clear who and what they may be. 

Handle finances in a mature, businesslike manner. It has probably been a while since you’ve paused, so don’t forget to take the time to stop and smell the roses.  

Photo Credit: Tadd Savorgino Photography

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