Astro-Tarot for November, 2015

“In all things, give thanks!”

General – For all Signs:

This is definitely a month to be thankful. With Mercury and Saturn out of shadow, life begins to move again. The universe will finally start to hand you the things you believed would never happen. Do not put yourself in your own way. You have the ability to really make some progress now. Gentle patience and hard work will bring great rewards and put you on a healing path. 

You will begin to feel stronger and more self-reliant this month. Don’t be afraid of your own shadow as, truly your future lies before you. Maintain a compassionate, earthy nature. The road is long, and often uncertain, but you have the strength and determination to persevere. You have a ways to go, so keep your eye on the prize. 

Around the third week of the month, you will be aware of a painful ending. It will also be the end of the stress you have endured for so long. That thing that has haunted you has finally been eliminated. Dust off the cobwebs on those plans and journals. Write down your experiences. Peace and harmony can be achieved in relationships with others. Cooperation is easier to find now. 

Time to move away from the aggravation. There will be all sorts of information coming your way by the Full Moon in Gemini on the 25th. Choose wisely and choose that which will bring fulfillment, especially in matters of family and home.  


Finally, that door comes open, Aries. It feels as though the universe is handing you a gift that helps you reach your goal and achieve happiness. Juggle your way to success. Celebrations have a feel of nostalgia about them and you would like to remain in that space indefinitely.

Immovable, reliable Taurus, the offer you need is coming your way to help you reach your goal. Get out of the way of your own happiness, do not look backward at what was lost. Surprises at the end of the month bring more people into your life. 

 The good old days are over and in the past, Gemini. Your refusal to look toward the future will be met by the universe putting a stick of dynamite under your butt to make you look those offers over and get moving. There is no glory on doing it all alone. Your doubts and fears have created your hard times. Time to love on. 

Cancer, it’s time to share your beliefs of your new-found lease on life. You have a much more positive view this month and you are truly seeing things differently. Get over the whole love is a battlefield thing and enjoy your creative fulfilling new beginning. 


Don’t stay stuck in relationships that aren’t working, Leo. Time to be more flexible and carefree. You have a very karmic new beginning coming which allows you to step out of your shell and showcase your talents. 

Virgo, be ready to receive. The universe wants to let you recover from the hard times. Now, look to your future and the fire of change burning so brightly. Time to move away from the hurts and feel alive again. Don’t worry. Have faith in the plan of the universe. No need to defend yourself to others. 

Get together with friends, Libra. You will manifest what you need this month by going with the flow. Don’t engage in any arguments and you will keep the peace. Watch, as fate steps in with people and situations and you feel like you are getting your mojo back. 

Scorpio, this is your month. The Sun is in your sign the first 3 weeks. The stars are shining in your favor and you have movement! Remain positive and don’t dwell on the burden of the loss. You create your changes this month. Your intuition runs high and you are getting all your ducks in a row. Gather your followers and go forth!


Work on those changes, Sagittarius. Eliminating the unnecessary opens up the possibilities of the future. Not all news that comes your way is what you had hoped. Be patient, for by now, you can see the end is at hand. A huge transition in your life is imminent. 


Smooth sailing is on the horizon, Capricorn. It is time to get back on track. Trying to take the easy way out and avoiding responsibility does not work. Being truthful with everyone involved us the least stressful choice. 


It is time to rise up and celebrate, Aquarius. You are finally manifesting what you truly need. Relationships require hard work and practical choices. Don’t be too stubborn. The universe is working hard to help you out. 

Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! Pisces, you may not always ask for much, but this month you get it. You have so much going on, and ultimately, it is all in your best interest. Work hard, make those choices and be proud. Get all your details together. 

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