Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mars in Scorpio – January 3 through March 6, 2016

You have been patient long enough and it has certainly taken a considerable amount of strength to make it this far. It is time to take action and Mars is finally feeling at home. Even though Mercury will be retrograde for 3-1/2 weeks this month, there is still much you can be doing.  It is time to rein in your finances and begin to save for a rainy day. While Mars is in Scorpio, you will be able to commit to a plan which allows you to regain the control in your life which you desire.  Try not to be at cross-purposes with others, instead take the lead and get some momentum going to enact your plans and enlist the proper help.

Weigh your options carefully and communicate effectively. Speak only with wisdom, truth and logic for nothing else will be acceptable.  That thing that you loved, whether it be a person, object or particular situation will be reaching its true end.  You have known for a long time that it was over, but the loss has been a difficult one to confront.  Remember to look at what is left and to always view the cup as half full, never as half empty.  Positivity is 90% of the battle in succeeding over strenuous times. Victory, however will be yours with a tad bit of sadness attached.

When the deal is done and any important papers have been signed, or decisions acted upon, it will be time for forward movement.  You are ready for a rebirth in your life and its time has come.  Your new commitment will be to yourself and your new beginning with a more carefree existence.

Settle up your debts with the universe and watch your path open up before your eyes. You will find you have accomplished much even during the period of Mercury Retrograde, but when direct you will be full-steam ahead with Mars leading the charge. The load will no longer seem as heavy and you have reversed several situations which left your life in a hellish limbo.  Stick with the facts and pay particular attention to detail.  Leave no stone unturned and review your options from more angles.

Make the best possible use of this time period for anything you wish to accomplish for this year.  April 17 Mars will retrograde in Sagittarius and wind up back in Scorpio May 27 through June 29. You will not have these opportunities then, as you will be asked to back track and review some old issues.

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