Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn – January 5 through January 25, 2016

Mercury enters Aquarius January 2, only to retrograde on the 5th and return to Capricorn on the 9th, where it will remain until February 13. 

Be careful of health issues at this time. You will need to pace yourself as Mercury will be asking you to slow down and review a few things before achieving success. Maintaining your composure is of the utmost importance and your possibilities are endless, even if they are hampered by Mercury. Right now the opportunity to strengthen your financial base will be an area of concern as you prioritize your needs for 2016. Be honest with yourself and remove any frivolous habits. 

What you are working on here is a new beginning like nothing you have ever before experienced. Rework your talents and make good use of your best assets. There are powerful forces at play here which shall set the tone for some time to come. Create the abundance that you need in order to feel as if you are back in the driver seat. Hope, faith and clarity are renewed. Signing is not favored at this time until the retrograde ends, but there is an emotional attachment to what is taking place and you are turning your back for good. 

Your step will be lighter when this is all over and a feeling of fairness returns. You are in a transitional period from which you will benefit greatly. Major change is a given and you will be feeling free from the oppression of the last few years before long. Do not let fears created by painful experiences prevent you from enjoying the future which lies ahead. 

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