The Path You’ve Chosen – December, 2016

Some days you must wear many hats and be multi-faceted; it appears as though you are becoming better at pulling this off as you continue to navigate this transitional phase of your journey. So, here you are, needing to keep your cool, not necessarily with a lack of emotion, but definitely not letting your emotions rule your decisions. The changes you wish to create need to be a clear-cut vision; be sure to acquire all of the necessary skill sets in order to accomplish this feat on which you are working.

Your patience and strength of will shall be important to you over the next few months; if only you owned a crystal ball to see which choice would lead to the success you seek. Never fear, the direction you take shall be favored, and your standing among your peers shall be exalted as they recognize your accomplishments. Blessings are coming your way, noticeably around the holidays, perhaps due to Saturn trine Uranus, which is making three appearances in the coming year, in order to help you regain the firm footing you will need for the long haul. Maintain your faith and your hope and celebrate your achievements, whether they be large or small. In your own way you are becoming a force of nature with which to be reckoned.

Which one of you will want to take control by the Winter/Summer Solstice arrives on the 21st? This is a busy time for you as you continue with the changes at hand, and work on a level of organization you haven’t seen in your life for a while. Sort it all out in black and white and prepare to hop in the driver’s seat for some fast-paced developments occuring by the Solstice. The changes you will be experiencing, and the actions you are undertaking, together with any messages coming your way, should leave you feeling pretty good about things.

Make a wish and take a chance! Your plans which allow you to repair certain aspects of your life are indeed proving fruitful. Be kind to those less fortunate and remember to share some of the abundance which becomes available to you. This is more than mere holiday mode; it is about things going right, and good things continue to come your way. Prepare for plenty of motion at month’s end, as good fortune, dreams and wishes may leave you giddy and dreaming of the possibilities.

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