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Artist: Faye Osman

Website: StudioMimosa.com


Creation, keenness, perseverance, progress, readiness

Artist’s Statement

“The acrobatic performer is perfecting her ribbon routine, which is elaborate and creative. The planet behind her signifies the skills and techniques she is familiar with. However, in order for her to succeed, she has to get out of her comfort zone. The frontiers of space and the distance stars represents new uncharted territories that she must discover in order to perfect and master her craft.”

Card Meaning

A masked circus performer perfects her act – spinning the wands she needs for her elaborate, acrobatic, ribbon dance. But she gazes away – from her vantage point, she can see the vast cosmos, and it calls to her. The distant stars and planets represent the worlds open to her and potential she could reach. Even distracted, her performance is flawless – her skill is such that she could do this in her sleep, and the challenges offered to her tease her creative ambitions.

This card represents the manifestation of inspiration – the flash is gone, but the fire still burns. Some achievements have been made, but there is still a wide, creative world to explore. It is time to stop thinking in the short term, to ready yourself and make the decision to leave our comfort zone and push yourself further.

Astrolological Element & Sign

Fire / Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

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