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Artist: Ellen Wilberg

Website: EllenWilberg.net


Conflict, self-interest, betrayal, deceit

Artist’s Statement

“One of the sisters of Five of Swords has just taken all the swords from her sister, at all costs. Despite hurting and betraying her sister, she feels arrogant and confident, sure she has just won, I decided to depict sisters, as these often have strong bonds, and even though she might feel she has won, she might have lost her sister in the process. Their dresses differ slightly; one is bolder and more confident, the other is more covered up to show she is retreating into herself. Gold for the arrogant, silver for the hurt one. The wind is trying to knock the daggers over to show how hard it can be to stand upright during conflict. The dark symbolizes the tension and that the battle is far from over.”

Card Meaning

A vintage circus performer stands, five blades dancing in her hand, a smile on her face as she looks to her side, where her twin stands defeated, in tears. Storm clouds gather behind the two sisters, but she pays them no heed – she has won this battle, she is only focused on her current victory and the feeling of accomplishment it gives her. She does not consider the cost of the fight, the hurt she has brought to someone she loves, or that her behavior may cause future tension.

This card illustrates a tme when an argument or conflict leads to more tension, rather than bringing resolution. A situation where the winning was more important than the result, and you may have deeply hurt the people around you by your actions. A battle may have been won, but in doing so, you may lose the war.

Astrological Element & Association

Air / Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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