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Artist: Alexandria Sandlin

Website: EightandSand.com


Compromise, putting off decisions, conflict avoidance

Artist’s Statement

“My card became somewhat of an homage to the late David Bowie. His death hit me hard for some reason. I felt that there was some synchronicity at play with the blindfold symbol in the card and his Blackstar videos at the time. I chose to make the stars black for this reason as well. I tried to stay pretty traditional with this card. I did change the stars into knives to make her a circus knife thrower. The third eye is to represent the subconscious that is always working to make sense of what the conscious mind cannot always comprehend.”

Card Meaning

Against a starry backdrop, a woman stands against a knife-thrower’s board, two knives held defensively in front of her chest, a blindfold covering her face. The wall behind her should be spinning, but it remains static. She is inactive – both literally and figuratively poised to defend herself. Her crossed blades are balanced, suggesting an impasse – she is ambivalent, indecisive. Her blindfold means she cannot see the solution clearly, but her third eye is open, trying to use psychic and intuitive perception to help her decision. The moon has risen, shining faint light over the darkness and heralding a new beginning once the stalemate is resolved.

This card warns against avoiding problems and decisions, and reminds us that while life’s choices are sometimes hard, even painful, hiding away only makes things worse in the end.

Astrological Element & Association

Air / Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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