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Artist: Deanna Bach

Website: Deannabachart.ca


Stability, self-reliance, refinement, independence

Artist’s Statement

“I incorporated traditional imagery in a Rio Carnival look. There are 9 gold coins (pentacles) on her costume showing her wealth. Her costume has a grapevine pattern inspired by vintage wallpaper, tying in with the mature woman as well as opulence. A falcon sits on her arms, a symbol of intellect and spiritual control, echoes by the feathers in her costume.

I wanted her to look confident, proud and happy. The Rio Carnival twist seemed the perfect fit, as one would need to exude confidence to wear those costumes, and the dancers always look so happy.”

Card Meaning

A dancer poses in her finery, a trained falcon sitting on her wrist. Flushed, but content, she rests knowing that her hard work and training led to a brilliant performance in the Rio Carnival. Her intricate costume is patterned with grapes and vines, adorned with jewels and pentacles, bright, fitting with the extravagance of the setting, but nothing gaudy or too opulent. Her falcon both symbolizes the challenges she sets herself – it is not an easy creature to dance with – and the wisdom at the the heart of her actions. She maintains the balance required to enjoy her money and health, but not be governed by them.

This card reminds us to embrace the success and independence that follow hard work, without succumbing to them, warning us that the finer things in life are to be enjoyed in moderation.

Astrological Element & Association

Earth / Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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