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Artist: Michael Banks

Website: SugarFueled.com


Contemplation, privacy, solitude, insight

Artist’s Statement

“After a roller-coaster life of ups and downs, this little loner is ready for some peace outside the hustle and bustle of the chaotic carnival life he once knew. He will find his own way using what he’s learned and making do with what he has. Living on the outsides of the crowds, keeping to himself, enjoying everything from afar and living a peaceful life of solitude.”

Card Meaning

A young cat sits alone outside the circus fences, with only the detritus left by the evening’s attendees. He has abandoned the noisy, bright circus, and escaped its distractions – he has gone as far as he can in this world. He chooses the peace and quiet of dark night to indulge in some soul searching. He is not completely alone in the dark, however, he has captured a firefly to,light his way and bring wisdom. A discarded lollipop acts as a staff, representing his power over emotion and intuition, and on his own, he will find the answers he seeks and move on.

This card reminds us that the world around us is chaotic and that we can get lost within it. There is a time to isolate ourselves, ignore all of life’s distractions, allowing introspection and contemplation to guide us on the best way forward.

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