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Artist: Vlada Monakhova

Website: VladaMonakhova.com


Transition, travel, escape, recovery, movement

Artist’s Statement

“they crept along the canal, towards a piercing cacophony of light – laughter and music and things of mirth. She dragged a coat of blood along with the images of six swords – the six, repeated, in the teeth of the bridge and the horns of the boat. He pushed them along, away from strife and misfortune, away from things and thoughts still lurking under the foam.”

Card Meaning

Hooded, masked figures travel along the Venetian canals, their gondola moving under dark bridges and through gloomy waters. The horned vessel bears a blood-red banner, emblazoned with six sharp swords. Within, the passenger appears sad and wistful, looking back to where they have come from, saying her goodbyes as the gondolier ferries her away from the past. Her destination is the heart of the city, a place of celebration, dazzling lights shine, the waters are clear and all the shadows have been eliminated.

This card represents transition – moving away from troubled times into a happier. calmer world. Life is improving, but the decisions you make are not easy ones – it is with regret that you leave your past, even though you know you moving to a better future.

Astrological Element & Association

Air / Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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