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Artist: Selina Fenech

Website: SelinaFenech.com


Inner strength, courage, resolve, compassion

Artist’s Statement

“Normally depicted with a woman softly holding a lion’s jaws. The woman often has a crown of flowers (I gave that to the lion instead) and the infinity symbol above her head (part of the lion’s makeup).

The Strength card is more about inner strength than physical strength. I wanted to show braver by having her back to the lion, its mouth so near her head, and her so vulnerable nearly naked.”

Card Meaning

A young woman stands with a massive lion, gently supporting his jaws as he towers over her. She wears no armor, she has no protection, but she is safe. Her trust and confidence in this powerful creature is absolute – she stands with her back to him, but does not fear him.

He is painted with an infinity symbol, representing the spiritual power and balance between them. Her hair falls down her back, mingling and merging with his mane, until we are not sure where she starts and he ends.

This card suggests we mirror her – face a dangerous situation with compassion and courage, rather than beating it down with physical strength. To keep the conficence to work calmly with challenges, rather than against them.

Astrological Association & Element

Fire / Leo

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