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Artist:  Everett Hartsoe

Website: houseofhartsoe.com


Independent, free-thinking, composed, intelligent

Artist’s Statement

“The Queen of Swords is a card in the suit of Swords, part of the Minor Arcana set of Tarot. She symbolizes freedom and clarity of her mind and thoughts. I wanted her to sit firm and quiet upon the throne gazing over her domain. The colors of red and green portray blood, wealth and life.

The yellow radiates intelligence, comfort and kindness. The bird sits by her side to carry her message across the land. The jester skulls aligned on her throne reminds us that a fun spirit can remain in our lives for an eternity as long as we are willing to allow those spirits in. Queen of Swords is confident, protective and familiar with sorrow, yet doesn’t allow sorrow to overtake her position.”

Card Meaning

A solemn-faced Queen sits upon an unyielding metal throne, a dual-edged sword held upright in her hands, a skull painted atop her crown. Her only companion is a crow perched on her throne, but looking into the distance, ready to take flight at any moment. And yet she does not appear unwelcoming. Her posture is straight, but not rigid, her outfit is bold, fun and colorful, her eyes inviting. The sky behind her is clear, bright yellow – the color of sunshine, it suggests happiness, intellect and energy.

This card exemplifies a highly intelligent figure who cannot be easily fooled determining facts without being overly influenced by emotion. At the same time, she possesses a warmth that reminds us that she is a free thinker and cannot be pigeonholed.

Astrological Element & Assocation

Air / Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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