Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Friday, February 10, 2017 7:33pm

February packs a punch as it ushers in the Leo-Aquarius series of Eclipses. Change is in the air of the drastic variety, and you may want to keep a scorecard to remain current with events. Opportunities abound to help you balance out your life and recover from the losses of the previous five years. Plans need perfecting and focus is the name of the game; while times may be extreme, you need to remain moderate in your approach.

The actions you have begun at this time may often seem fanciful to others, and you may encounter distractions along the way. Persevere beyond the points where you feel stuck and continue to power through them. Your efforts are recognized and admired; remaining kind and compassionate is in your best interest and helps to open the doors to success between now and June. There may be an AHA moment of creative inspiration which will ultimately set you above the crowd and bring the recognition you desire.

Remain easygoing and know that the Universe has your back; if you are on the right path, you shall see your ship coming in over the next three months, perhaps around the Full Moon in May. Don’t forget eclipses have a six-month time span, so their impact is often felt immediately, but continues to play out for that six-month time period. Of course if you are not on the right path, I doubt you are even here reading this; you will be too busy trying to escape the slippery slope before you. This month, much truth will be revealed, and through the sacrifices of many, challenges will be met and nipped in the bud.

Betrayal and deceit have no place in your world, and fairness shall be demanded. Whatever wrong you feel has been done against you, it creates a great burden, one which you shall overcome. Remain focused on the manifestation aspects of this eclipse and use them in your favor. You will be so glad you did. Be sure to listen to my Tarot Guidance for this Full Moon available on Patreon! (21:10 in length)

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