New Moon in Sagittarius – Monday, December 18, 2017 1:30am EST

The Karma Bus is rolling through at the time of this New Moon in Sagittarius. Not only are we beginning an entirely new cycle, covering the next five years, but there is such an incredible sense of rebirth taking place at this time. New doors in life are opening, and your wealth within multiplies. An opportunity for manifestation awaits you, and depending on the situation, as Mercury is still retrograde, you may wish to answer that knock at the door. The separation of good and evil continues, and many facts become available. Disreputable behavior shall be revealed and subject to scrutiny.

You are entering a period of creation, and the next three months are very crucial to realizing your abundance. Remember, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Often, daydreams do become reality, and in the cold, hard light of day, it would appear the Universe has your back, as you venture forth in this next part of your journey. It may very well be your dreams at night, or your seemingly far-fetched ideas, which others think of as pie-in-the-sky, which bring moments of joyous celebration in the next few months. Knowledge is power, and you have been recovering much of your power recently. Fortify that power with the knowledge and the skills to help you create the life you desire.

It is almost 2018, and a brand new adventure awaits you. The doors are beginning to open, and you are off into unexplored territory. Never assume that you know everything. There is more to learn, and it will be a tremendous key to your success over the coming year. This New Moon will have an effect over the next six months, and at the time of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, you will know better what it is you are doing and creating. Take your time; do not shirk any new responsibilities coming your way. Stand your ground, but be the most reliable person anyone knows. You will be able to move forward with confidence and be able to rely heavily on your intuition. Remember, hindsight is 20/20, and carrying the lessons of the past forward with you shall serve you well.

I have prepared a special, in-depth Tarot Guidance for this New Moon in Sagittarius (20:36 in length), which also covers what this means for your sign. It is available on Patreon as part of a $5 per month subscription, which this month includes all 12 Sun Signs, 2 Venus Transits, Mars, Full Moon, New Moon, Sun/Solstice, and at the $10 tier, Saturn, and my 2018 Tarot Guidance Overview. It is also available at this time, through YouTube, for separate purchase. To join Patreon, go to: – download the Patreon app, login and enjoy!

Artwork Credit: Katerina Koukiotis
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