Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus in Capricorn – December 25, 2017 through January 17, 2018

Not only is change in the air, but it is change with immense purpose. You have before you now the energies to alter the course of your path, not only for the better, but for the long haul. The way you choose to go is entirely up to you, and you will be formulating your plan, before the year closes, by the time of the Full Moon in Cancer. The wonderful thing about the choices before you, is the free will associated with you. It is not as though you are being backed into a corner and being forced to make these changes. You want them and you are more than ready to go out and make them happen as the New Year begins.

It will help that all planets will be direct after January 2, and you will be in take-charge mode. Changes can begin to occur at a rapid rate. Expect a door, or two, to open to aid you in the pursuit of your hopes and dreams. What was once fanciful daydreaming is seeming totally possible now. By the time Venus has moved on into Aquarius, at the time of the next Full Moon, which will be a Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, you will be turning your back on something for good and letting it go. This is what will be your focus during Venus in Capricorn.

Your vision for change is strong now, and it has no limits, only those you may impose upon yourself. Rewards for lessons learned will be coming in the next few months. Let your fire burn bright as you create what once you could only have imagined. This is not an idle period; it is a the-sky-is-the-limit period. You are returning to your rightful balance of power and feeling more secure. Do the work; receive the blessings.

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