Through the Eyes of Tarot – Sun in Capricorn ~ Winter/Summer Solstice – December 21, 2017

As the seasons change, and the Sun enters Capricorn, you are so ready to claim your power. What is gone is gone, but what remains is firmly within your grasp and you have no intention of letting it get away. If you are not great at delegating, now is a good time to learn; share the load, or find yourself going it alone. There are breakthroughs here which will stoke the fires of your vision for change.

Both Sun in Capricorn and the Winter/Summer season, include the first eclipse season of the year. Change is in the wind and success is imminent, provided you are paying attention to what the Universe is offering. Things are beginning to balance out, and while you can’t see everything as you are trying to choose for your happiness, you are willing to give something a try without knowing the outcome.

Choice in direction will be a major theme for you, as you creatively work toward creation of changes for your future. The Universe plays a major role, sprinkling a bit of fairy dust over a very important relationship. There is an equality in this commitment, a seeing eye-to-eye, that by being on the same page with another, allows you to reach a very important goal around March.

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