Full Moon in Pisces – Saturday, August 29, 2015


Here is my #Tarot guidance for this full moon. 

What a month! It has taken all your strength, energy and patience to keep up the pace! August has been a turning point for many of you. Go within and reflect on what has happened up to this point. You didn’t expect all of this, did you?

The losses have been real for you. But, if you must cry, then shed tears of joy, because what you gave up no longer serves you. Rejoice in the memories, but don’t let them mar your future. Fairness and balance are back in play and things don’t seem as off kilter as they did for way too long. Now that you are clearer as to what you should be wishing for, your wishes may come true!

There is a lot of movement and new information around you at this time. You may feel as if you can shed a couple of your burdens. It will be nice to lighten your load and kick up your heels. You’re ending the month in a good place. On a celebratory note, you can send out your wishes to the universe. You are in a far more stable place now. 

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