Vernal Equinox – March 20, 2016 – 12:30AM EDT

For quite some time, many of you have been feeling down and out over issues beyond your control. You have been extremely stressed and basically feeling betrayed by the Universe, and possibly even specific individuals. It has been a hard-fought battle with no real winners, but it is time to stop the fighting and proceed with your destined journey. You may be asking yourself how it is just suddenly possible for things to start moving. Certainly you were giving it your all before, but to no avail. Only small advances were made, but now, it will be like hurry up and catch up and maintain your balance and composure as you ease on down the road. Be prepared to no longer feel stuck!

Of course the successes and victories are going to feel emotional; it has to be such a huge relief to finally see movement. You need to give proper thought to what you really want while giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. I know some of you feel as though you have escaped the clutches of evil; indeed, you may wish to pick yourself up and get going before the Universe realizes you survived! You are now in a cycle which, coincidentally, will last this entire season taking you through to the end of June just past the Solstice. Use these three months to organize your life, prioritize your finances and workload, and secure your position.

In these next three months, you will be celebrating the security you have been creating for yourself. If life was nothing but a slippery slope in recent years, you will see that a new and creative future is on the horizon and indeed life can and does change. You will be changing your routines for the better and the future you are creating is one which allows you to be self-sufficient for a long time to come.

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